What We Do

Fundamentally we save you money by saving energy. We offer a solution that is perfectly tailored to the current and future needs of each building.
Whatever you are looking for, we can provide an optimised solution...

Energy Savings

We assess what level of savings are appropriate for your building

Green Credentials

We save you energy and help you reduce your carbon footprint


We offer both outright purchase and a range of financed solutions

Government Assistance

Could you benefit from incentives such as:
Feed-in tariff (FIT)?
Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)?


Is your equipment ageing and need replacing to improve reliability?

Legislation Compliance

Do you need to comply with legislation such as:
Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC)?
Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)?


Is your company spending too much on utility bills?
Is your building wasting energy?
Is your organisation's culture energy efficient?
Is your equipment in need of modernisation?


Our energy audit will cover all of your utilities (i.e. electricity, water and gas). We will identify and work with any energy saving measures already in place and look for further opportunities. Our solutions are broad ranging and can include...

  •  Lighting
  •  Heat loss
  •  Water Saving
  •  Building Management
    System (BMS)
  •  Occupancy Control
  •  Variable speed drives
  •  Heat pumps
  •  Combined Heat &
    Power (CHP)
  •  Voltage optimisation
  •  Biomass
  •  Geothermal
  •  Solar panels

Your Proposal

We constantly review products, solutions and providers to ensure our toolbox of solutions is a perfect fit for your building.

We then integrate best in class products from leading providers to form a complimentary bundled solution of evaluated technologies.

We expect to provide savings that will cause a fundamental shift in your energy consumption which will simplify the verification process.



Our aim is flexibility whether you have capital or not. We can provide investment free self-funding solutions with flexible terms typically from 4 – 10 years.
Finance payments are 100% tax-deductible and asset finance can be the most tax-efficient way of acquiring new equipment.

Capital Purchase

If you have funding that you wish to use then you can buy our solutions outright, benefitting from our warranties.

Finance Lease

As an alternative to capital purchase, monthly payments can be made over the period of the agreement. This method will be "on-balance sheet".

Operating Lease

Monthly payments are made over the period of the agreement but your installation is further supported by a service agreement to cover maintenance and repair. This method will be "off-balance sheet".



Ecosolve have extensive experience in managing the installation of energy-saving technologies.

We use total project management to deliver a co-ordinated solution quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to your business. Any particularly complex or lengthy innovations can be implemented as a second phase of works to ensure that you enjoy the benefits of the simpler solutions as promptly as possible.



Ecosolve aims to build strong relationships with each and every client to deliver a long standing and effective partnership.

Our capital purchase solutions provide manufacturer backed warranties whilst our serviced solutions provide additional peace of mind over the longer term and can include maintenance and replacement programmes to manage and reduce operational costs.